All businesses have to focus on costs because they ultimately affect a company’s bottom line. In having a team of drivers, you will find that tracking overhead is slightly difficult due to the very nature of the business. Fleet GPS Tracking software might be good for your business.

GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems help companies track their personnel. Tracking them makes it possible to better utilize resources where they are needed most. Smart management of resources enabled by fleet tracking software reduces fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear and customer wait time. Improved productivity and less waste are the primary reasons why companies turn to fleet tracking solutions.

The various tracking solutions harness the full potential of GPS tracking and reporting software to improve fleet performance. A GPS tracking device is used to collect and send data to a satellite or cellular-powered network resource. You can log in the web portal at any time to track the location of drivers at any time. Real-time updates provide location, speed, start/stop activity and idle time for each driver.

Most Popular Fleet GPS Tracking Products

There are many different Fleet GPS options out on the market. What follows are some of the most popular and how they compare to their competition.

ITS Dispatch

This is one of the most used fleet GPS tracking softwares in the United States. It is known for being an excellent option while maintaining a high level of affordability. ITS Dispatch is one of the very best for smaller companies and trucking companies in particular.

Depending on the type of business, ITS dispatch does more than just track where vehicles are located. It also allows people to invoice customers and integrate directly to accounting software like quickbooks. This lets a driver make a sale, and the information is immediately included into the business’ finances.

Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete is another popular option for commercial vehicles. It’s used in many countries around the world and offers direct and meaningful tracking. Fleet Complete is very good at tracking and dispatching. It also offers full knowledge of regulations that commercial fleets must adhere to. This ensures they are always in compliance and will never face fines or sanctions.

Fleet Complete is one platform that continues to work to improve itself. Unlike some platforms, it has continued to evolve and is updated by excellent developers to keep integrating newer technologies to make the software easier to use and more efficient.


ManagerPlus is great for any company that needs Fleet GPS Tracking and is crazy about perfect order. ManagerPlus integrates with an incredible number of other pieces of software and allows users to manage their business with incredible detail.

In addition to the level of detail, ManagerPlus also comes with automatic alerts. If a vehicle is out of place, or is behind schedule, an alert will be automatically generated and allows the User to handle the situation. The combination of automation and detail makes ManagerPlus one of the very best. Options for any company that needs fleet tracking.

Facts To Know About Fleet GPS Tracking

  • The fleet GPS software technology is useful to all types of transportation customers. Business owners can save on fuel costs by routing the nearest driver for a delivery. The fleet tracking solution can reduce idle time, identify the most efficient route, cut mileage and deter fuel theft.

  • Streamlined reporting is another advantage of the solution. In its ability to replace log books for tracking down time and trips made, the system tracks all of this activity independently. The system tracks all of these things electronically, allowing you to eliminate the paperwork.

  • You can reduce your insurance premium costs with vehicle tracking systems. You can identify a stolen vehicle to improve chances of locating a stolen vehicle. You can often qualify for a lower insurance premium by making use of fleet tracking technologies.

  • Route analysis features not only limits wear and tear on company vehicles, but it also gives you the opportunity to shorten distances between stops and incorporate additional stops into the schedule as needed. This feature promotes efficiency and better utilization of company resources.

  • You can increase efficiency with the system by being able to dispatch the nearest driver to a location. Having maximum visibility of fleet resources at all times empowers you with the information you need to identify resources closest to the desired location. This increases your bottom line.

  • Reducing fleet wear and tear is another advantage of using a GPS tracking software. In tracking all of the activity associated with your fleet, you can design your own preventive maintenance schedule to better preserve your fleet resources. You can set alerts in your system, and schedule vehicles for maintenance when they are needed.

  • You can decrease chances of employee fraud. Your GPS vehicle tracking solution gives you a snapshot of the activity of each driver. This means that you can quickly detect any fuel theft trends before they affect your bottom line. You can see what hours the vehicle is being used and instantly be alerted to any unauthorized use of the company vehicle.

  • Improving timesheet accuracy is another advantage in using the software. Accurate billing for customers hinges on employee timesheet accuracy. Timesheet fraud is eliminated since time spent at stops is better tracked with the system. Idle time can be closely monitored, and this gives managers the information they need to accurately invoice customers.

  • Fleet GPS Tracking software reduces waste and promotes overall efficiency among fleet members. You can track costs, inefficiencies, trends, routes, and wear and tear on fleet resources. Through the solution, you can uncover multiple opportunities to drive down costs associated with operating a fleet.