People who start a business do so because they want to build something. However, once it’s built, the next step is protecting their business. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are attempting to damage a business for their own gain, or simply for their own amusement. These hackers and fraudsters attack a business’ vital technological infrastructure.

For that reason, business owners need to protect their business. Whether they are running a single computer to assist in accounting, or a huge network to provide IT services, protection is crucial. Protecting a business’ computers comes in two forms. The first way is through antivirus software. Antivirus software is the original term, but often now, is merely referred to as security software. This is because they provide security from more than just viruses. The other option a business has is to use software to backup their sensitive information. The best protection is typically some combination of these two methods, but really, it depends on the business.

Most Popular Antivirus & Backups

There are many services that will allow a business to protect itself. Like any other product, a business needs to do their research to find the security solutions that will keep them safe. Here’s some of the options that a business owner will consider:

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 4.0

This product is intended for small and medium sized businesses. Kaspersky has been one of the biggest names in the antivirus field for a long time. They have a lot of offerings. Security Cloud 4.0 is intended for medium sized businesses.


  • Impressive Security - The Kaspersky suite is one of the most powerful protection suites.

  • Mobile Support - This security suite will protect mobile devices as well.


  • High Price Point - Kaspersky comes with a base 10 user feature, and has the price point to match. It’s more expensive than a lot of others, but it does provide excellent protection.

  • Windows Exclusive - Unfortunately this security suite only works on Windows machines. Those with Mac/Linux will need to look elsewhere.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro

Avast offered up many free anti virus programs to individuals to build their brand. This security software goes beyond just antivirus. It also includes live browser monitoring and the ability to check in remotely.


  • Ease of Use - Avast is a very simple and easy to use piece of software. Users quickly learn how to use and monitor things with it.

  • Value - Avast has a lot of different pricing structures depending on the needs of a business. It’s ideal for smaller businesses who need limited protection.


  • Capped Size - Avast maxes out at 100 Users/Locations. If a company grows too large, then it will need to change security options.

  • Platform Specific - Unfortunately, features are platform specific. THis means that not everything you want may be available on the platform that your business is running.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

This is another great small business option. Designed for no more than 50 users, Bitdefender offers a huge array of features for a small business. Bitdefender is at its most useful when managed by an IT professional.


  • Feature Heavy - Bitdefender offers a large amount of features, and what’s great is a lot of them will function automatically without any input needed. However, for experts, they can be customized to meet exact needs.

  • Multi-Platform - Bitdefender works for all of Windows, Linux and MacOS.


  • Setup Issues - Despite it being a piece of software that works well once it’s set up, it can be difficult to set up.

  • Minimal Users - Bitdefender maxes out at 50 nodes, so a larger company that has more people will need to choose another option.

Acronis True Image

This is the first backup software listed in this grouping. Acronis functions very easily. It backs up files and data to a secure location on a schedule. This means that if things do go wrong for a company, they can back up to a reasonably recent backup and be able to resume services with minimal interruption.


  • Great Price - Acronis is available at a cost often half of its competitors.

  • Clean - The interface for Acronis is simple, clean and efficient.


  • Overt Backups - It’s possible that Acronis wants to backup things a little too much. It runs a lot of processes as it backs things up.

  • Cloud Subscription - If you want the cloud option, you can subscribe to it. If you don’t, it’s still a part of the software, which can sometimes be irritating.

Antivirus and Backup Facts To Know

There are many things a business owner should know about their security.

  • Consider Mobile Protection - If your business uses a large number of mobile devices, you may wish to ensure that your security products and backups are also protected there. Many security suites link up with mobile devices to provide blanket protection.

  • Backup Software Needs Storage - It’s easy to purchase backup software, but a business owner needs to remember that they have to store that data somewhere. In order to backup your services, you will need additional storage or servers, either physical or in the cloud.

  • Check Your Subscription - Most software suites are based on subscription models. Depending on your business, people may get a discount on longer terms. However, a shorter term may be better for a company if they don’t enjoy the software.

  • Check With the IT Team - The IT team or department is there for a reason. They are aware of what will work best for the company. Purchasing software defenses that they don’t believe in doesn’t create a great policy.