One of the biggest aspects of running a business is completing tasks efficiently so that a worker can move on to their next job. Keeping productivity high can be difficult for some companies. Many tasks can be very monotonous or tedious, though important. Aspects of a business like payroll or benefit management requires a keen attention to detail, but will bore many employees.

A great way to instead improve efficiency is by examining workforce management software. This software will assist or complete tasks in a very efficient manner that allows workers to focus their attention in other areas. A modern business that needs to handle money and employees would be mad to not be interested in some form of workforce management software.

Most Popular Workforce Management Products

ADP - Workforce Now

This is one of the most popular and most used pieces of software by companies looking to make their HR tasks much easier. Workforce Now is incredibly powerful because it runs on a single database platform. It allows easy management of payroll, compliance issues and any other way a company may wish to manage their workforce. In addition, Workforce Now also gives their admins the ability to run a large variety of analytics and reports. This can give an in depth view into the inner workings of a business and provide potential changes to save some money.

So what’s the disadvantage to ADP’s Workforce Now? The main issue can be user mistakes. Not all workers find it intuitive and easy to use. It’s more comfortable for administrators.

HouseCall Pro

This is another workforce management software that comes very highly rated by users and professionals alike. HouseCall Pro tries to work as an all inclusive system. In addition to many of the basic HR options, HouseCall Pro performs a lot of business actions like schedules and invoices. It can also send text notifications to both customers and users alike.

There’s not a lot of downside to using HouseCall Pro. If there is one minor complaint, it may be that because it has offered up so many different services, none of them are the absolute elite versions. Everything is done very well. However, perhaps each of the services could be more in depth in some scenarios.


When looking to manage a workforce, HR tasks are crucial. BambooHR automates many of these tasks to keep an HR department from having to spend extra time on these tasks. BambooHR does one thing better than the competition. It allows you to create custom workflow that fits your business perfectly. This means that an HR rep or department finds their tasks perfectly streamlined and easy to complete.

The downside to BambooHR is that it is not particularly diverse. It does what it does very well. But it doesn’t have a large number of features compared to a lot of other workforce management options.


This program is another Cloud based service that can be accessed easily from mobile devices to help manage workforce. Deputy is excellent when it comes to timesheets, payroll and employee administration. Deputy is a great on the move workforce suite.

The downside to Deputy is that it doesn’t have an easy method to integrate sales as well. For a staff that may run on sales and commission, this means that it will not be capable of handling those jobs. In addition, there’s no way to customize future roles yet in the software. Everyone has to fit a predefined position.

Many businesses don’t want to install additional software onto their own servers. By making use of a company like, payroll and HR issues are placed on the cloud for easy access and management. One of the best aspects of this product is that employees don’t need to be at a centralized location or office to use it. This makes it perfect for a business which has a mobile employee. They will work from wherever they need to be, and can easily log in to track their time. works with other payroll software as well and can integrate easily with them.

The downside of this product is that it is very limited. It tracks employee location and hours, but doesn't do a whole lot else. It’s best used in combination with some other software.

Important Facts to Know

  • HR Software can be a great timesaver

  • Workers still need to input data to ensure that their payroll is calculated correctly.

  • Workforce management is excellent at increasing efficiency.

  • Workforce software can increase efficiency.

  • Software setup is often very easy

  • Workforce management software is sought after by HR workers to make their jobs easier.