If you want to sell anything at all online, you need to create a sales funnel. Website visitors that don't go through one have a slim chance of converting into a sale. A well-tuned one turns visits into cash reliably and consistently. In fact, if there's one single upgrade to a website that makes the most significant difference to sales, it’s an upgrades funnel.

If you're not careful, you may get bogged down in details when discussing this subject, but it's worth keeping things simple. Your web presence should have a logical series of steps defined that make it easy for the person browsing your site to do business with your company. That means answering their questions and countering their objections during a seamless, automated sales process. Let's take a look at some of the most common implementations of this powerful marketing tool.

Popular Types of Sales Funnels

Lead Generation Funnel

Lead generation funnels remain incredibly popular because they fulfill the most crucial function of business, which is to get sales. They work because they are direct and attempt to guide a prospect through a set of digital assets with the express idea of closing the deal and converting the visitors into customers.

These are funnels that are easy to justify because they're measurable and can prove ROI. The browser moves along a defined path and transforms from a website browser into a buyer. Making things a bit more complicated, be aware that different traffic sources may require different lead generation funnels and you'll see that optimizing this type of setup is challenging but worthwhile in the end.


  • This method results in direct leads.
  • For organizations with a defined process, this type of funnel is an evergreen method to attract online business.
  • Since you can track the ROI easily enough, paying for ads and digital marketing is straightforward.Adding this type of funnel to your current configuration is a fast way to earn additional revenue on a regular basis. Each day business volume continues to grow in the digital space.


  • Does not apply to people who aren't sure what they want.
  • Is complicated to configure.

Direct Sales Funnel

Direct sales funnels give the browser enough information to purchase that visit. Many people are comfortable purchasing online and will buy items if they have a payment form and a sales funnel that is to the point.

This type of funnel allows for simple tracking using an analytics plan and will enable you to calculate conversion rates and ROI.


  • A direct sales funnel spikes revenues as visitors make purchases.


  • This approach takes one shot at the customer. Visitors who don't buy will bounce and not return.

Contact And Nurturing Funnel

This type of funnel is less direct and is good to use when a website has visitors who aren't sure what they're seeking. Provide them with an easy way to contact you and then capture that contact information. The good news is that you have a way to follow up and find out more, which your autoresponder can handle easily.


  • A well-developed website can always use these type of funnels to scoop up people who are interested, but genuinely unsure about potential purchases.
  • Your overall website conversion rate will rise with the addition of pages like these. A few people who you're currently losing will be found again and make their way through your sales process.
  • You can automate the whole process, so that very little work needs to be done to pick up this type of "low hanging fruit."


  • Nurturing leads is a slower way to make sales. It's a crucial thing to do, but be aware that prospects take numerous "touches" to convert.

What's so great about sales funnels?

  • Sales funnels increase conversion by converting casual browsers into buyers.
  • Tracking their ROI during all stages of the lifecycle is easy.
  • It's easier than ever to create sales funnels from a technical standpoint, so they're in reach for everyone.
  • You will earn more money by picking up money that is being "left on the table" through neglect. All websites and businesses have prospects who want to buy but can't do so quickly.

They are a natural part of modern online businesses. People expect to be led through a sales process and won't spend much time visiting if they can't do so on their terms.

If you've been putting off establishing a valuable sales channel in the form of a website traffic funnel, you're missing out on revenue. That doesn't need to happen when you put a few more pieces into place.

Your funnel will follow an age-old formula that creates awareness, interest and ultimately a decision. As you delve into the analytics, you'll become aware of pertinent data that will help you optimize your entire sales process. This concept is known as conversion optimization and is the logical next step for funnel owners.

There's no reason to think that implementing these marketing tools is difficult. Many tools, services, and providers exist who can get you up and run. What will matter most is that you know who your ideal prospects are so that you can devise a strategy to drive awareness and interest with this specific subset of people.

Once you decide on your budget, implementing a sales funnel becomes a matter of choosing the technology and tactics you'll employ. These days, investing in one is usually the single best investment a website owner can make, especially a site with moderate traffic. Why would you leave money on the table when you can put it back into your coffers?

Important Facts About Sales Funnels

  • Sales funnels are complicated to configure but carry enormous advantages.
  • A correctly operating funnel simplifies the sales process, resulting in more sales.
  • Strategic digital assets help web browsers make purchasing decisions.
  • They give you an opportunity to monitor and tweak your conversions and to test traffic from different sources.
  • A variety of technology solutions now exist to create, streamline, and improve your sales funnels.
  • Markets consider these strategic digital assets to be the best area to invest in any online business because they have proven track records spanning many years.

Funnels are continually evolving, and the technology is robust. Have confidence that you'll be able to find the right mechanism that works for your audience and products. It might very well take a bit of tweaking, but once the sales come in it's all worthwhile. The entire point of having a website is to get more sales and exposure. Sales funnels allow a business to unleash the real potential of your site and create happier visitors and more customers while you're at it.