Have you ever desired to make your own business website but have no clue how? Alternatively, do the many web hosting plans and website services confuse you? With many web firms competing for your company with hundreds of different web hosting plans, things can be very confusing.

As your website grows, your web hosting needs become more complex and increase drastically as well. Cheap and free might have been okay when you were starting but if your website is starting to feel slow as it grows and your website traffic increases, you may begin considering improving your web server. In order to host a domain, you need to choose one. Here are five simple rules to choose one correctly:

  • Keep it simple – the domain name should be easy to remember and type. Avoid hyphens, numbers and keep it short.
  • Utilize keywords – having at least five phrases and terms that describe your business helps. You can pair the keywords with prefixes and suffixes to come up with good domain ideas.
  • Be different and unique – do not have a site that people confuse with another popular site.
  • Utilize a domain name extension that is appropriate
  •  Always protect your brand

Choosing a domain name is crucial. You can compare it to selecting a business name. It requires a lot of planning and consideration. Ensure your domain is recognizable and exciting!

Popular Types of Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

It is not a complicated thing. This type of hosting works just as the name suggests. A server shared by other sites will host your website. One significant advantage of this system is the shared cost. Users can pay very little, sometimes going as low as five to ten dollars each month for sharing an excellent server with other websites. However, there is a downside to it as well. Users are at the mercy of the other sites on their server. A top-rated website can adversely affect the performance of their site. However, users will often get a super server at an affordable price.

Most online businesses usually start with a shared hosting plan to reduce costs. Shared hosting is great for newer sites with less traffic or brochure type-sites.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting plans are shared hosting accounts with more tools to help users resell their hosting space. The reseller plans come with more technical control (mostly through the host manager control panel), billing programs to assist users to invoice customers and other extra benefits.

Some advantages include

  • Free site templates
  • Full time technical support – this means the hosting firm takes care of the user’s customer’s technical support issues
  • Private name servers
  • It is an affordable plan.

The reseller plans range from five to fifty dollars depending on resource limits and features. If the user plans to sell web hosting as a business then reseller web hosting is great for him or her.

Self-service web hosting

This is the ultimate hosting plan where users do it all by themselves. They buy the servers, install them and configure the software. Users should ensure there is sufficient power and cooling in the machine room and improve everything related to the servers for redundancy. Below are some of the things the users need to take care of

  • Cooling
  • Data center space
  • Bandwidth
  • Power – have backup s
  • Systems administrator
  • Server hardware
  • Data integrity/backup

Most Important Facts a Business Owner Needs to Know About Hosting a Website

  • How flexible the host is
  • What the previous/current customers think about the host
  • Know if host’s network has blackholed IPs.
  • Whether the host has a fully redundant data centers
  • He or she should never confuse stability with size
  • Should not make price his or her priority
  • That the host’s support does not include extra charges
  • Whether the host has real experienced system administrators

Web hosting can be complicated or simple. Most firms can satisfy their web hosting needs for online business. With so much talk and competition in the web hosting business, entrepreneurs might need to check online reviews and seek personal recommendations before choosing a host to entrust their web hosting needs. Users should avoid the many web-hosting companies that are popping up each day as they lack proper resources to support their hosting needs as their businesses continue to grow.